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  Foshan Zhongshun Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and construction of water treatment equipment. It is a technology-based enterprise that integrates scientific research and development, product design, production and processing, engineering contracting, and technical services.

  Zhongshun Company has a group of technical personnel engaged in the water treatment industry in Guangdong Province after the reform and opening up. They have experience in the design and production of various steel and stainless steel water treatment equipment, Class I and II pressure vessels, thermal energy equipment, and chemical container equipment, as well as the development and manufacturing capabilities of electrical, electronic, and automatic control equipment supporting water treatment engineering. They have conducted technical cooperation, exchange, and internship training with multiple well-known domestic scientific research institutions and universities.

  The leading products of Zhongshun Company in water treatment include river water purification equipment, reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment, ion exchange water treatment equipment, water softening treatment equipment, water quality filtration equipment, underground water iron and manganese removal equipment, ultrafiltration water purification equipment, reagent preparation and dosing equipment, water quality disinfection equipment, wastewater purification equipment, drinking water advanced treatment equipment, and water treatment automatic control system. The products cover urban water supply, rural water supply, industrial water treatment, Ultrapure water preparation, water resource regeneration and reuse, water environment purification, Water purification of swimming pool and almost all aspects related to water use.

  Zhongshun Company strictly organizes production in accordance with international quality control Standards organization, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system international standard certification since 2005.

  The water treatment equipment products of Zhongshun Company have won the gold medal at the China New Technology and New Product Expo held by the National Science and Technology Commission, and have obtained the recommended product certificate for engineering construction by the Ministry of Construction. Since 2002, they have obtained the hygiene license for drinking water hygiene and safety products from the Ministry of Health. Multiple products have been granted patent authorization by the China Patent Office, and multiple products have been accepted for patent applications.

  Zhongshun Company has multiple products and technologies that belong to domestic innovation and are widely used in the industry. For example, the structure and process parameters of the stainless steel integrated Water filter used by Zhongshun Company for urban water supply purification treatment have been widely used by peers and widely used in urban waterworks; In addition, continuous water softener, underground water iron and manganese remover, radial flow super large flow filter, pressure type large Water filter, one-step underground water iron and manganese removal process, etc. are all superior products and technologies of Zhongshun Company.

  The products of Zhongshun Company are exported to various parts of the country and overseas, with overseas users including developed countries such as Japan and Australia. The product application fields involve almost all industries with strict requirements for water quality, including drinking water, chemicals, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, textiles, power generation, cosmetics, photovoltaics, new energy, surface treatment, precision processing, biotechnology, electronics, high-tech agriculture, field operations, environmental protection, and factory aquaculture.

  The quality policy of Zhongshun Company is "quality first, service at home". While meticulously creating high-quality products, Zhongshun Company wholeheartedly provides customers with comprehensive services such as scheme consultation, design, equipment selection, production and manufacturing, engineering construction, installation and debugging, personnel training, maintenance, and consumables supply.