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   The products of Zhongshun Company have been distributed throughout the country and in developed and developing countries around the world. In terms of new water plants and old water plant transformation for urban water supply, the Water filter products and underground water iron removers of Zhongshun Company have high popularity and market share. In terms of reliability of water treatment equipment in high-altitude cold areas, Zhongshun Company's products have also been recognized by the military. In the construction planning of water plants in multiple locations, the selection of factory produced products from Zhongshun Company has become a standard solution for the planning and design of design institutes.

   Zhongshun Company strictly follows international quality control standards for research and development, production, and services. Since 2002, the company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system international standard certification. The company's quality policy is "quality first, service at home". The company has been continuously instilling the spirit of craftsmanship in its employees for a long time, with the goal of refining a product and dedicating itself to creating high-quality products for users.